The mission of ASA Stats is to become the primary source of price information for every ASA on the Algorand blockchain.


ASA & NFT Valuation

  • SDK Implementation: Implement publicly available SDKs of all major DEX or AMM, as well as from any NFT marketplace on the Algorand blockchain.
  • Selling Price Optimization: Bring maximum value for user's asset by calculating the optimal amounts that should be sold on each of the AMMs or DEXes to the users.
  • Pricing Algorithms: NFTs that have never been sold, price evaluation algorithms will be developed so that an estimated price can be presented to the user along with the reasoning behind that price.

ASA Stats API and Feature-Driven Development

ASA Stats will be encouraging partnerships and sponsoring developers once our API is ready.

  • Create databases and provide aggregate data back to our users, as well as other bidirectional data streaming
  • Develop ready-to-use software tools for Service providers and software companies
  • Create advanced web widgets for use in the portfolio view

Please refer to Goals and Roadmap documents for more details.

Value Proposition

Portfolio Tracker

ASA Stats evaluate and present the current balance for any wallet address on the Algorand blockchain.

Utility Token

ASA Stats Token (ID: 393537671) is a utility token meant to be used for purchasing various professional services from ASA Stats.

Target Groups

  • Professional traders and Advanced ASA Stats users
  • Developers and Software companies

ASA Stats will continue to provide free services for average, non-professional use.

Values and Beliefs

Transparency and Decentralisation

  • Every decision regarding the development of ASA Stats is discussed with the community.
  • One of the primary goals and a measure of success for ASA Stats project is the establishment of decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that will take over after the initial phase of the project is successfully completed and all the points from the roadmap are resolved.

User-Centric Approach

ASA Stats is committed to provide the best user experience.

The People behind ASA Stats


Ivica Paleka; Zadar, Croatia, EU; ipaleka (at) asastats.com; GitHub; Stack Overflow is the founder and right now the only member of ASA Stats Team. Team is founded just to secure meaningful governance by developing the ASA Stats software until a decentralized voting platform is deployed on Algorand Mainnet.

  • Senior software designer and developer (25+ years); Python, Debian/Ubuntu; Django, PostgreSQL; NoSQL, nginx, Ansible; desktop applications, web backend and frontend
  • Specialized in accounting software for a wide variety of businesses, including cafes, bars, shops and exchange offices, as well as bus and boat traveling tickets systems.
  • Algorand blockchain contributions

DAO Governors

The actual owners of this project are 50 (as on April 2022.) governors selected by the project founder in front of the Team.

ASA Stats Community

It is expected that the ASA Stats community becomes more involved in the future governor seat updates.