ASA Stats Features

Data, Assets and Values

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Algorand Data Integration

ASA Stats integrates data seamlessly from the Algorand blockchain, prioritising 100% uptime reliability. Minimise reliance on third-party SDKs, utilising providers' SDKs only when necessary for specific functionalities.

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Selling Price Optimisation

ASA Stats brings the maximum value engine to users' assets by calculating the maximum value of the ASAs held in their wallet(s), as well as the optimal amounts that would be sold on each of the AMMs or DEXes.

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NFT Pricing Model

ASA Stats builds a deep learning model to assess NFT prices. The model is continuously updated and refined, derived from a dataset containing millions of records.

User Bundles Functionality

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User Bundles

Create and save bundles of Algorand addresses in the user settings, with the ability to edit and change the addresses in a bundle.

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Bundled Addresses

Track the current assets value for any wallet address on the Algorand blockchain; up to X number of addresses combined, based on subscription tier or DAO status.

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Bundle Naming

Create a custom name for each of your user bundles.

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Bundle URL

Get a custom URL for every user bundle. URL access could be private or public based on subscription tier or DAO status.

User Widgets

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Trading User Widget

Experience unified trading excellence with the ASA Stats trading widget. Users can add any ASA to the trading widget in full or partially to utilise trading functionalities: Buy/sell, stake, remove liquidity.

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Publish ASA Stats User Widgets

Create and publish your own ASA Stat user widget. These have to pass an audit by ASA Stats Team. An external audit may be required too.

Order icon
Order Development of a Widget

ASA Stats will develop or sponsor the development of a user widget that brings functionality not available in the existing set of user widgets. Limited to Cluster tier subscriber's only.

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Innovative Features

ASA Stats strives to enhance user experience by incorporating innovative features. A list of user widgets desired by ASA Stats community demonstrate an array of possibilities for future development.

ASA Stats API and Feature-Driven Development

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ASA Stats API Access

Obtain API keys to access ASA Stats API services. Subscribers to Asastatser & Professional tiers get API access with a decreased bandwidth (Rate-Limited). Unlimited access is reserved for Cluster tier.

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ASA Stats API Endpoints

ASA Stats offers an array of API Endpoints, both; restricted and comprehensive, based on subscription tier.

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Develop ASA Stats User Widgets

Leverage ASA Stats API services to develop advanced user widgets for use in the portfolio view.

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Develop Own Software Solutions

Leverage ASA Stats API services to develop ready-to-use software tools for service providers and software companies.

DAO Governors' Privileges

Seat icon
Governance Seat

Own a stake in ASA Stats. The governance seat (which lasts forever) is conditional — at least ten months of staking has to pass — while the subscription benefits last for as long as a user stakes ASASTATS.

Vote icon
Governance Seat Votes

Shape the future of ASA Stats. DAO subscription tiers grant a number of votes defined by the tier.

Upgrade icon
Governor Seat's Votes Upgrade

Increase your voting power & privileges. User's account is automatically upgraded to next tier once ASASTATS staked reaches the minimum amount of next tier. The governance votes update takes place exactly a year after.

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DAO Kubernetes Node

All the DAO governors will share the resources of the DAO Kubernetes Node, except for Cluster tier subscribers. They get a dedicated Kubernetes node.

ASA Stats icon
Governance Staking

Earn ASASTATS. Staking rewards are available on a first-come, first-served basis, while supplies last; early adopters are encouraged to participate. Stake ASASTATS on Cometa and grab your governance seat.