Tokenomics Overview

ASA Stats Token is a utility token used for accessing ASA Stats professional services, governance and staking.

Target groups are advanced users of ASA Stats portfolio tracker, investors and DAO governors, developers and software companies. Please refer to the “Utility and Use Cases” section below for more details.

ASA Stats secured enough funds in the initial token presale for the development and deployment of all the roadmap's sections. There are enough funds under the Team's control in order to reach the DAO phase. Please refer to Whitepaper and Roadmap documents for more details.

ASA Stats secured two grants from the Algorand Foundation in the xGov Voting Session 2, providing building blocks for ASA Stats as the primary source of price information for every ASA on the Algorand blockchain.

Token Supply and Distribution

ASA Stats Token

ASA Stats Token is created with the following immutable properties:

Name: ASA Stats Token
ID: 393537671
Unit name: ASASTATS
Total supply: 1,000,000,000
Decimals: 6

Clawback and freeze addresses are not set.

Token allocation

1) Development Pool (20%): A total of 200,000,000 ASASTATS has been allocated for funding the development of ASA Stats in the pre-DAO phase.
2) Administration and Costs (12%): A total of 120,000,000 ASASTATS has been allocated for the establishment and administration of the legal entity behind ASA Stats during the pre-DAO phase.
3) Team Rewards (12%): A total of 120,000,000 ASASTATS has been allocated for Team rewards. ASA Stats Team received their full rewards, in 24 monthly batches of 5,000,000 ASASTATS since inception.
4) Community Rewards (15%): A total of 150,000,000 ASASTATS has been allocated to the community members for rewarding their contribution to the ASA Stats project. Such activities include channel administration, feature requests and bug reports.
5) Airdrops (8%): A total of 80,000,000 ASASTATS has been allocated for rewarding community contributions or other activities that are not easily measurable – if they are measurable then pool 4 is used instead.
6) Giveaways (2%): A total of 20,000,000 ASASTATS has been allocated for ecosystem development, attracting potential users.
7) DAO Treasury: The rest of the supply. ASASTATS tokens from pools 1, 2, 5, and 6 that have not been spent in the pre-DAO phase will be transferred to this pool upon the establishment of the ASA Stats DAO.

The term “allocation” refers both to tokens that are actually allocated to a pool-specific wallet, as well as tokens that are defined as a percentage but not already transferred to the related wallet.

ASASTATS received by charging for professional services will be reallocated to the pools defined. A prioritization in reallocating will take place based on the pools' current needs and their states related to initial allocation.

ASA Stats Transparency Reports

Every transfer in and out of any pool in the pre-DAO phase is conducted by the Team and listed in the Team's monthly financial/transparency reports.

Download ASA Stats Transparency Reports:
06/24 | 05/24 | 04/24 | 03/24 | 02/24 | 01/24
12/23 | 11/23 | 10/23 | 09/23 | 08/23 | 07/23 | 06/23 | 05/23 | 04/23 | 03/23 | 02/23 | 01/23
12/22 | 11/22 | 10/22 | 09/22 | 08/22 | 07/22 | 06/22 | 05/22 | 04/22 | 03/22 | 02/22 | 01/22
12/21 | 11/21

Utility and Use Cases

ASA Stats Professional Services

• Access ASA Stats Portfolio Tracker advanced features and functionalities.
• Leverage ASA Stats API services and feature-driven development.

Optimize your experience with ASA Stats features by choosing the subscription tier that aligns with your preferences.

Governance and Voting

• Own a stake in ASA Stats by becoming a DAO governor.
• Increase your voting power & privileges.

Refer to the “Investors and DAO Governors” section in the FAQ page for more details.

Staking and Rewards

• Access to ASA Stats services without the need to pay future fees; a privilege for ASA Stats DAO governors.
• Earn ASASTATS staking rewards on Cometa. Read How to Stake on Cometa (Cometa Documentation). Future staking rewards would be limited to DAO subscribers and available on a first-come, first-served basis, while supplies last.
• Add liquidity to Pact's ALGO-ASASTATS LP and earn weekly rewards. Read How to add liquidity on Pact (Pact Documentation).
• Earn ASASTATS by contributing to the project. Refer to the “Service Users” section in the FAQ page for more details.

Roadmap and Future Developments

Development Plans

• ASA Stats has achieved numerous milestones. Please refer to the Roadmap document for more details.

Grant-Fueled Advancements on the Horizon

The grants received from the Algorand Foundation will empower ASA Stats to surpass its goals and catalyze innovative strides in the decentralized landscape:

• ASA Stats is directed to provide a tenfold increase in API bandwidth and high availability with an uptime equal to or very close to 100%.
• ASA Stats is developing the ultimate infrastructure for all blockchain users and developers in resolving the tax report requirements.

ASASTATS Utility Evolution

ASA Stats strives to enhance user experience by incorporating innovative features. A list of user widgets desired by the ASA Stats community demonstrates an array of possibilities for future development.